Content Creator, Fitness Enthusiast,
Visual Designer, Tech Lover & NASM-CPT.

Who Am I?

I’m Dalton, a self-proclaimed fitness extraordinaire. It’s been a major part of my life since 2013. I’m also a NASM Certified Trainer if you care about that stuff.

I actually started off as a guy who hated working out, funny as that may seem. I absolutely hated weightlifting days in high school. I even hated having to do any kind of activity that wasn’t basketball or football.

It just seemed pointless to work on my body. I just figured that the people who were muscular were always like that, and I couldn’t do the same.

Everything changed once I let myself go.

What Changed?

I remember coming home from work one night, taking off my shirt, looking in the mirror, and saying to myself “I can’t keep going like this”.

So I went to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY for about a month straight. I started taking care of my body more and started taking care of myself.

The results were tremedous.

dalton green leanbuff lean buffat the park wearing camo

Moving Forward

After training for about 5 years or so, I decided to get my certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Not only did this help me improve my understanding of training, but it also helped me teach others how to optimize their routines.

I eventually wanted to find a way to share my workouts with people outside my area, which I started posting my exercises on my Instagram.

Becoming a content creator was frustrating at first, but I’ve always had a background in techie stuff so I eventually figured things out.

Having a combination of skills in visual design, videography, fitness, and video editing has helped me build a platform to share my interests with others.

Check Out My Q&A Video

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